Two people putting together a broken heart

Josh Lagman Project Management/ UI

Wendy Reid Research

Brock Daves Interaction/ UI

Alicia Gibson Content/ Writing


For the past 3 weeks, my team and I were tasked with creating a relationship canvas for Logic in Love–a multi-faceted relationship tool for individuals and couples. …

Rachel Teegarden | Project Lead

Ani Yeghnazar | Research Lead

Josh Lagman | Interaction Lead


Everyone can relate to the anxiety of the job search. What are my most career relevant skills? Will this job be a good fit for me? Where do I start? …

The objective

The purpose of this project was to evaluate Grocery’s usability, understand how their users are using the product, and find ways in which we can improve.

About the product

Grocery is a smart shopping list app. It is intended to allow users to grab recipes from their browser…

Josh Lagman Lead UX Designer

Due to the rapid shift into remote culture, online shopping has become increasingly relevant. Our goal is to find and relieve any pain points within the online shopping process.

The Process

J Lagman Design

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